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Founded in the year 2013, Number 2 maya is based in Hyderabad, India. Our organisation provides the platforms of various activities like vastu, numerology and services. Numerology and horoscope is a traditional systems used to analyse relationship between physical objects and words, numbers etc. it briefs how the numbers relate to human personality and time cycles. The study of symbolism of numbers used to determine a persons personality, character, strengths and weakness, talents, emotion reactions ect. It includes date of birth and time, place of birth, parents , spouse, children etc. A part from these elements numbers that have a presence in the individual’s like number of house, shop , organisation , factory, plots. Ect. It also carries individual value.

• INTRODUCTION:-Numerology is a boon to the mankind with which people can enjoy maximum benefits in their life in terms of health and wealth. It gives confidence to handle a situation and direct our energies in a proper way. It improves the knowledge or awareness of the present. Past is lost and future is not in our hands, so we have to develop our skills in various angles to utilize TODAY to the fullest. Thus numerology is a safety precaution to the journey of our life.

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